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Sam's Story...

I WAS HOMELESS and here is what changed me…

“When I was homeless, I didn’t have the internet, a cell phone, or television.  All I had were books my mom gave me and read them over and over.  What I discovered is reading a little bit of a good book daily can literally change your life. It can change an organization, your health, finances, health and so much more.

Sam Glenn has authored more than 30 books. He has picked out 7 that will impact your life in the most rewarding and positive ways.

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Sam Had No Idea the Camera Was Recording, Listen In...


You may download Sam Glenn’s best-selling books in any of these convenient formats: PDF, AZW for Amazon Kindles, or EPUB (suitable with any e-Reader).

Here are the 7 titles included in your download:

  • The Power of Courage (This book inspires resilience. Life requires courage to keep going, to try again, to start, to believe, to hold on, and not to give up.  * FAN FAVORITE!)
  • Attitude Changes Everything (This book opens your mind’s eye to see how powerful your attitude is and how to create an attitude that rewards you again and again. FAN FAVORITE!)
  • Not All Superheroes Wear Capes (Quote Book of Inspirational Superhero Quotes. * SAM’S FAVORITE. HE LOVES QUOTES!)
  • The Magic of Enthusiasm  (This book highlights the spark that brings excellence to life. Without enthusiasm, we are just zombies.  Enthusiasm is a result of being in connection with your purpose.)
  • Keep Your Head Up  (This book inspires you to keep looking up when everything gives you a reason to give up.)
  • The Gift of Attitude (This book is a classic and shares how your attitude creates experiences. Your attitude is either a gift or a nightmare. Sam will show you how to use your attitude to create exceptional experiences that are positively unforgettable.) 
  • Be Your Own Real-Life Superhero  (This book helps you discover a deeper appreciation for your superpowers and how to use them to make a positive contribution in life and work.) 
"Reading a good book is the most simple and impactful way to improve the quality of your thinking. It's a fact, When we think better, we feel better, we do better, and live better. It all starts with what we input into our minds and attitude."

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