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"After hearing Sam at our convention, I purchased one of his books - one of many more I acquired since then. His books are easy to read and sure to put a smile on your face."
- Jackie Brown -

Sam's Story...

I WAS HOMELESS and here is what changed me…

“When I was homeless, I didn’t have the internet, a cell phone, or television.  All I had were books my mom gave me and read them over and over.  What I discovered is reading a little bit of a good book daily can literally change your life. It can change an organization, your health, finances, health and so much more.

Sam Glenn has authored more than 30 books. He has picked out 7 that will impact your life in the most beneficial ways.

You may download Sam Glenn’s best-selling books in any of these convenient formats: PDF, AZW for Amazon Kindles, or EPUB (suitable with any e-Reader).

Here are the 7 titles included in your download:

  • The Power of Courage (This book inspires resilience. Life requires courage to keep going, to try again, to start, to believe, to hold on, and not to give up.  * FAN FAVORITE!)
  • Attitude Changes Everything (This book opens your mind’s eye to see how powerful your attitude is and how to create an attitude that rewards you again and again. FAN FAVORITE!)
  • Not All Superheroes Wear Capes (Quote Book of Inspirational Superhero Quotes. * SAM’S FAVORITE. HE LOVES QUOTES!)
  • The Magic of Enthusiasm  (This book highlights the spark that brings excellence to life. Without enthusiasm, we are just zombies.  Enthusiasm is a result of being in connection with your purpose.)
  • Keep Your Head Up  (This book inspires you to keep looking up when everything gives you a reason to give up.)
  • The Gift of Attitude (This book is a classic and shares how your attitude creates experiences. Your attitude is either a gift or a nightmare. Sam will show you how to use your attitude to create exceptional experiences that are positively unforgettable.) 
  • Be Your Own Real-Life Superhero  (This book helps you discover a deeper appreciation for your superpowers and how to use them to make a positive contribution in life and work.) 

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Rave Reviews for Sam's Books!

"A great book can awaken us to new possibilities and transform limitations into breakthroughs!"

Stefani Atencio I love Sam's books! I have purchased several copies of Attitude is a choice and shared it with several friends and team members and I have received so many great comments back from them that reading it is just what they needed! I have been enjoying re-reading all of his books for my little bit of daily positivity! These books will continue to make you smile for years to come!

Allison Ryder Hines I really enjoy Sam Glenn and his books. “Attitude changes everything” is a great read filled with many good pieces of advice. This book is direct and an easy read where you can it in one sitting! As I read this book I can hear Sam reading. This book is a great tool for self-reflection. As you read the book, quotes and sayings are placed throughout to make you stop and think. “Attitude is everything” is a perfect addition to everyone’s library.

Vanessa Elaine Holzapfel The one-liners are applicable to daily life. The humor comes through the readings and provides a lovely balance. Examples remind us to stop at the moment and look for the silver lining/perhaps change our perspective/attitude. Have a lovely day and stay well.

Tracy Miller When making an investment, one wants something that will give a large, positive return. The books and concepts Sam Glenn presents create a lasting impression because they are presented with his personal insight, humor and are easily applied to shift the environment of not only your workplace, but to your personal life, as well.

Rachel Thierry Morgan I run a non-profit for individuals with disabilities and we provide Sam's books to our self-advocates, parents, and support agencies. Sam provides a belief system, value, and a positive attitude that resonates with our community!

Summer Hess I have 3 of your books and LOVE them. They motivate me to be more positive. When I’m having one of my days i will start to reread them. I have even read them to my 9-year-old and he seems to love it as well.

Lisa Clements Thomas I love how you are just real. I have seen you at a conference that our school had you speak. They ended up buying us all a book. Rocked my world. It’s all about our attitude. Love love your humor, it’s so needed. For such a time as this!!!

Jackie Brown After hearing Sam at our convention, I purchased one of his books - one of many more I acquired since then. His books are easy to read and sure to put a smile on your face. With his many shared experiences, these quick reads will lift your spirits and motivate you to become a better person, treat people better, and look at life with a whole new fresh attitude. Once you buy the first one, you'll be hooked and want to share them with everyone just like I did. Get motivated and start reading now!

Maggie Pendergrass I have 10 of Sam’s books on digital copy, and Attitude Is A Choice lives on my nightstand. I’ve read each one several times and they’ve honestly changed my life and the way I handle different situations. After a bad day, his books are always one of the first places I turn for a kick in my attitude or a good laugh!

Bev O'Brian I just finished reading your book "Courage" and have adjusted my definition of that word. It's message is especially meaningful and uplifting during this pandemic when we all need to have the courage to support others and ourselves. Thank you!

Lisa Myers I love a kick in the attitude. Great book! I believe this book helped me actually turn a corner with getting a promotion. Completely life changing and continues to help me with my successes professionally and personally.

Jason Semmel Your books/ ideas make you take a moment to stop and think! Reflect on your ideas and grow as a person in all aspects of life. I enjoy what you do and look forward to hearing my of your words of wisdom.

Jyl King If you are thinking about purchasing one of Sam Glenn's books, please think again. You will regret buying that one book and wish you had gotten two....or 3 so you can share. I bought A Kick In The Attitude and loved it! I took it to work And after sharing pieces of it at a team meeting I had someone ask to borrow it. After they read it another person borrowed it, and another, and another. It's been several years and every time that book is put back on my desk someone grabs it again. I have one person who has read it twice now and said that she picked up something new each time she read it. Sam's books are told from the heart and full Of his personal life experiences that anyone can relate to. Sam's books are a one size fits all that everyone will enjoy no matter what you do or how old you are. Get ready to put a smile on your face as you turn through the pages. Be prepared, because once you buy 1, you'll want to buy more!

 Diane McClure I bought your book Attitude is a Choice and there are a few things I love about it. I love that you are truthful and real. I have to say my kids love your videos. They think you are so funny.

Doug Jolene McWilliams I saw Sam 2 years ago at the Big I conference and have his Attitude life lesson up for all to see in my office and I live by it daily!! "You will never look back on your life and wish you had laughed less...So, lighten up, laugh a little more and enjoy the ride."

He keeps you drawn in as he puts his God-given talent of painting and speaking from his heart directed to each person listening.

Linwood Mielke My organization benefitted from Sam’s presence right before the COVID pandemic really began to impact the daily life of our teams. Sam has a great message about choosing to be a positive force that is epitomized through his own words AND actions. Those who have heard or read his ideas, especially during this time, can really choose to positively impact their own lives and those around them. He also has great recommendations for a delicious donut.

 Stacy Blankenship Dain If you need a laugh or a motivational reminder Sam Glenn is your guy. I would highly recommend these books for this reason. You can’t go wrong with this selection, be beware you’ll want more than one.

Lora Pruyne Sam's books are a great addition to any home! I love giving them as gifts because they're not only an easy, fun read but they are truly inspirational and have helped me through many rough times. I love when others get that out of them as well.

 Pam Posey I love your books! I believe I have them all and have bought the Attitude book and given away for door prizes in workshops that I have done! Your seminars are so uplifting, motivating, amazing, and funny! Your stories bring laughter! We all need more laughter. As I move through life and as I age, I have learned to control my attitude and have become a much happier person and I smile more and I love to laugh! My daughter thinks I am crazy sometimes! Love it! Sam Glenn you and your books are incredible! If you have not read any of his books or been in his presence when he paints then you have missed out - get his books! All are great!

Kathy Just Your lion paintings are my favorite!!! I read your book called LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOU'RE LAUGHING and love it !! I read the message that said" being uptight and negative ages you faster." I am trying to have more hope and worry less so that I look attractive and look younger because like you said we need to "be positive and lighthearted"

Lori White Your books are so heartfelt and honest. They speak to real people in real-life situations. They have made a huge impact on my life.

Chris Amrhein Doty Love your message! I did purchase the 5 book download. I’ve printed and read “Who Put the Lizard in My Lasagna?” And loved it! I’ve always found a way to make a connection with my Kindergarten students but not in this way. The log is all about making meaningful connections with people. This book gave me a new way to think about making connections and how to make that connection grow over time. Thank you for all you have done during this crazy time in our world!

Norma Douglas Sam writes in the same way as he speaks...real, relevant, and riotous. Exactly what I needed during this time.

Abby Freeman These books are easy to pick up and read parts. Each morning as I drink my coffee and get ready for the day, I read about 10-15 minutes of the book, Attitude is a Choice.’(my current read). As much as I could sit and read the whole book, having that each morning gets me ready for the day. I look forward to the other books I have downloaded. Love the inspiration. 

 Emily Bishop Loving your books! I remind myself of several of your quotes during the day and especially when I first wake up.

Joy Moore Kellenbarger I love your outlook on life. Even when times are rough, you can always find something to be happy about and positive. I did loan the 2 books I purchased a few years ago to a couple of people. I kept asking them to return them. I bought the 5 digital books and read some every day. Keep being positive and spreading the joy! Thank you

Rhonda Millward Coatney Sam I like your talented Art painting and the story about the art. Sam your books make such a big difference on how to look at life more positive and I really really wish I had one thanks right now I look and smile after I listen and look at your message a day and noticed I smile way more thanks hope eventually I win a picture and book! Thank you Thank you

Elizabeth Sadler After being blessed enough to attend an event that Sam was speaking at, I bought his “Attitude is a Choice” book (actually, I bought four and gave three away!). I was having a really rough time and came out of his event completely renewed with faith in humanity. Whenever I find myself fully aware of my attitude, I open it up and read (and re-read). This book is hands-down the most inspirational book I have ever read! So much that I bought his “10 Motivational Books that Will Change Your Life & Work” bundle. I am a lifetime Sam Glenn fan and supporter!

Benjamin Barry I purchased Sam Glenn's Courage book and got a few to give to others as well. As a Middle School Counselor, I loved his book and his humor, and of course the message. I've used some of Sam's stories with my students and they can really relate. A few students even borrowed the book to read and loved it because it was a quick and entertaining read....and they learned from it too!

Karen Jones Viets I have purchased many of Sam Glenn's books... I have shared with friends and family... But I think the biggest impact has been my team at the Credit Union. We have read a few as a book club it has brought lots of positive and fantastic conversations between us all.. thank u Sam for all your positive motivating thoughts and experiences.

Stephanie Mischka Love your books. What you write is so relatable, they have humor and it's OK to make mistakes. Your books make you think about how you approach everyday, situations, your attitude. I've read some of your book Attitude Changes Everything to my students. I just love how positive you are. It's truly inspiring. Thank you! Looking forward to reading more of your books.

 Christene Majka-Zupan I was fortunate to meet Sam and see one of his motivational speeches at Beecher High School. I was going through a rough time and to hear Sam's story and to watch him paint was amazing. I have read "The Magic of Enthusiasm" and "Not All Superheroes Wear Capes" and "The Gift of Attitude" and in reading them and knowing Sam's story has lifted my attitude and I literally look at difficult situations in a whole different way now and I am so grateful.

Tara Walters Ruley Your books have the perfect antidote of humor and seriousness to keep a reader interested in what's next! Lots of good one-liners that I will write down on cards and put on mirrors, fridge doors, etc for a quick pick me up or the motivation for the day and get my mind going in the right direction instead of focusing on the negative. Great to read more than once too! Thanks for all you do Sam!

Jill Lenards I just got your five books last week and have been repeating “Your attitude is the main thing that affects everything!” I can’t wait to read more! Thanks for the chance to win the lion picture!!

Megan Wesselman I was introduced to Sam Glenn during my training period with a company over 8 years ago. I started looking into his books & now own quite a few. “Kick in the attitude” is one I refer back to often. It’s been something I tell others about & then introduce them to a whole world of possibilities through Sam Glenn. You’ll want to read them all after the first one!

Carolyn Leist You actually came in-person to present in my organization and brought a wealth of knowledge and perspective on being courageous when dealing with difficult situations as a manager.

Alice Ownby Leeper Sam's books have such a positive impact underscored with humor. The message stays with the reader because of the humor.

Becky Robison Your books are so easy to read and fun. I love your positivity and encouragement.

Crystal Walton I first heard about Sam Glenn during a work conference. I remember thinking if his voice was on more audible books I would totally listen more. A kick in the attitude is still my favorite. I did loan it out and not only did my friend move out of state with the book she denied it as well... I guess she really liked it too...

Julie Stamper Attitude is a choice. You make the choice of what that attitude is. It’s that simple

Roberta Newnam Love Sam’s books! I keep a couple in my office for an attitude “pick me up” when I am having a challenging day. In addition to the books, I keep my lizard from when I first heard Sam speak in my desk drawer as a reminder to keep a positive attitude and that humor can be found in the strangest places.

Sam's books are so very inspirational to me. When I got hired at BCBSIL his videos were used during training. I have not laughed so hard in quite a while. I still think about some of the stories and laugh out loud. I visit your page often, especially when I am feeling super down. The Fork, the best is yet to come.... all I have to say, thank you  Kimberli Pforr

I first saw Sam a longtime ago at a Credit Union Convention, I have never laughed so was awesome. Since that time I've purchased most of his books, I use the Big Book of Quotes daily in my emails. You are so inspirational and uplifting, it's contagious so thank you! My favorite story was the one with you brother in the station wagon, your poor Dad😆 I share and give your books as gifts, they change people's attitudes at work so thank you for sharing your gift....priceless!   Diane Templin Ellis

Sam Glenn’s books have had an amazing impact on my life. Before his books, I never consciously chose my attitude. Once I learned it was a choice everything changed, I chose to be happy everyday and not let things ruin my day so easily. I just had a review at my job I’ve been at for 6 months and they always comment about my positive attitude and how they never hear me complain about my job and that I am always happy when I come to work. Thank you Sam for changing my life for the better. Tanya Moss

Sam's Book Collection is precious to me. I went through a terrible situation after my husband died, and then my mother died unexpectedly a month later. His quick wit, sense of humor, and recommendations to regain a positive attitude helped me get through it. I read them over and over. His books are for everyone. Young, Old, Professionals, and Blue Collar Workers...Thanks Sam. You're the best. Joan Glenn Varholdt

I love sams books and his awesome art as well...i read kick in the attitude in a work group our boss put together to inspire us...and have been a fan ever since. They truly have had a large impact in my life..they are easy to read and its like he is just there talking to you...and definitely making you laugh. Lots of good life lessons you can refer back to when life gives you set backs too. Sam is real too...just seems to be such a truly awesome cool dude 😁😎     Ja'Neice M Davis

Sam's books are incredible. I was fortunate enough to hear Sam speak at a conference in Raleigh a couple years back and purchased his books that inspired me to gift them to my bridesmaids at my wedding. Your positive Attitude is so empowering and uplifting. I highly recommend his books and if you get a chance to see him live you wont be disappointed. Best is yet to come! Alisha Hymes

Sam Glenn is an inspiration to so many! His stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and realize life’s not done yet! I first met same when I was a freshman in high school and he came and spoke at my school, I found myself wonder who is this crazy guy stomping around the gym making dinosaur noises 😂 and then he spoke! I was HOOKED! I’ve found myself turning to the videos and books when I’ve found myself at low points and I always am brought right back up! “Your attitude is either in the way or making a way! You determine which each day!” Courtney Jo

I bought several of Sam’s books at a conference about 3 years ago and when they ran out of a few, he promised to mail them to us. And amazing! He kept his word and then some. I think I received 3 books in the mail. He is an amazing human being with a lot of everyday wisdom to share. Love your posts Sam! Mimi Pike

Sam's books and stories are relatable. They teach a valuable life lesson while entertaining the reader. The best way to learn is to have so much fun doing it, that you aren't even aware!- Jyl King

Sam Glenn's book are the inspiration you need to pick yourself back up, straighten up your attitude, and move forward. Absolute awesomeness!! Monica Thacker

Sam Glenn's books are very motivational and inspiring. This is my first year attending the ABWA National Conference and Sam was one of the speakers. He was fantastic. He made this one of the best experiences ever. I laughed so hard that I was crying. His book, Attitude is a Choice, is great. I love it so much, it's difficult to choose a favorite a quote. One that speaks to me the most is "Do not allow fear to bully you. It's okay to fail. It is proof you tried. What is not okay is not trying because you are afraid to fail." Thank you so much Sam. I am so grateful that you are using your gift to bring joy and inspiration to people like me. Jennifer Bonnough Williams

So many wonderful books to choose from. You inspire me on a daily basis. I sing your praises to anyone who will listen. I have given your books and paintings to family and friends. You have helped me keep a positive attitude in everything I do. Thank you! Dode Souza

What I like best about Sam Glenn's books is that they can really help people when they are in need. His "Courage" book was a book I was able to give to several people. One person came back and said the book was what gave her the courage to make a change and it ended up being one of the best changes she has made. His books inspire and help and make us realize that we can do anything with positive attitude! Benjamin Barry

Attitude is a Choice is my all-time favorite motivational, self-help, kick in the butt book I have read (and reread!). I share this book with people I work with, people I live with and people I come into contact with that seem to need a little help. Sam’s humor and light-heartedness make this an easy read but he offers so much to reflect and think on. We are ultimately responsible for our own choices but understanding how choices affect our goals, relationships and life are made clear with Sam’s wisdom and guidance. Sam is an extraordinary guy sharing his real-life experiences (family stories are the best!) that formed his life mantra. Attitude IS a choice!  Shannon Gorman

Attitude is a Choice. I love it. I have always loved quotes and the fact the book is inspirational but also uplifting makes it so relatable and easy to read. Nessa Mahserg

Sam Glenn's books are inspirational. I have given them as gifts to co-workers and share his posts with friends. His messages help create positivity in both my work and personal life. Cindy Plunkert

Sam Glenn’s books are inspirational! He uses simple, relatable stories to demonstrate the impact having a positive attitude can have on your day to day interactions with others. Sam’s books are uplifting, encouraging and will motivate you to “think better, do better, live better”!  Chris Zigler

What I like best about Sam Glenn’s books is they are real. The context is not pushy or preachy, it is relatable, makes you feel good reading it and makes you want to do better/ be better!!  Jenna Holmes

I love Sam’s humor and him just being real! Attitude is a choice! We need to think better, do better, feel better, live better! To be the best we can be! Lisa Clements Thomas

Sam Glenn's book has inspired me but also my employees. When I gave an employee that's struggling with their attitude I share his books with them and challenge them to come back to me in a week with their same bad attitude and if they do I'll give them a dollar. Still have that dollar! Becky Gordon

What I love about Sam Glenn’s books is that there have been multiple times in my life, since I have found out about him through my job, that his books have helped me improve myself as a person as well as an employee. His books are written in a way that is enjoyable to read and is encouragement rather than an ‘order’ to think about how we approach things in our lives. His words and phrases have been a motivating force in my over 100 lbs of weight I have lost and have helped me overcome even my own negative self-talk. I still have more to go and it will always be accompanied by some phrase or advice from one of Sam’s books. It is the best way I have found to turn around any and EVERY situation!!! I also would like to add, when my family is under stress, I have a rubber lizard I stick with every meal. It doesn’t have to always be lasagna!!  Lynn Jansen

Sam Glenn's books are enjoyable and share experiences and lessons that you can relate to and learn from. Lora Pruyne

Sam Glenn is a powerhouse working with youth and companies. I’ve enjoyed seeing him as a youth in the 90’s and reading “Butt prints in the Sand”. You can tell that not only does he help develop and teach others but he continues his own development. Thank you for everything you do Sam.  Nick Trahan

I have heard Sam Glenn speak many times and every time it is very motivating and encouraging. In Share Your Popcorn, it talks about "Just because someone doesn't say "thank you" or acknowledges your effort is not an excuse to stop sharing your popcorn or giving your best.  Ryan Goehner

One of the many things I have learned from you is Your Attitude - Your Choice. Sam is not only funny but inspirational and has a great way of looking at life and situations.  Carol Cott

Sam Glen’s books are actually very funny but give great messages! I love his personal stories. He is A Real person!  Stephanie Smith Kingsbury

Sam Glenn books are inspirational and powerful. Just what you need to get you out of a funk. Jessica Brown

 Sam's books are a powerful reminder to make the world a better place, be nice, have fun, and enjoy the ride. Michelle Smith

Sam Glenn knows how to make the best out of everything. He is a true motivational speaker. Stacy Blankenship Dain

Sam Glenn’s books, have helped me to not just become a better leader, but also a better husband, father, and human being. Matthew McPherson

Zig Ziglar said, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." Sam Glenn says, "Here's the soap!" Peter Balaban


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